Motivating Pension Savings:

Personalized Video
as a Key to Behavioral Economics

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Pension White Paper
While pension companies frequently communicate with their customers, underscoring the importance of increasing savings, their reminders aren’t making nearly enough of a difference.
Why? Written client communications — while cheap and customizable — are often dense, complicated, long, and take great effort to understand, which means they are frequently ignored. So how do you make sure your messages aren't going straight to the trash?

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Uncover the ways Personalized Video is used at every stage of the funnel.



Learn how leading brands in the pensions and retirement space such as Voya, Mercer, BBVA, Aviva, Empower, Aegon, and Lloyds have used Personalized Videos to achieve impressive, measurable increases—as much as 50%—in savings contributions.



Understand why video marketing is especially important for the finance industry.

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