Idomoo's Dynamic Video Ads for Facebook Solution Doubles Conversion Rates for O2

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In the customer lifecycle, high levels of customer churn commonly occur at the renewal stage. In fact, 58% of customers don't upgrade because they're happy with the phone they have. O2, a leading digital communications company in the U.K., needed a new way to reignite the thrill of upgrading. So they took each customer on a personal journey.
Download the case study to find out how O2 leveraged Idomoo's Dynamic Video Ads for Facebook solution to launch a unique campaign, the first of its kind in the mobile industry.

In this Dynamic Video Ads case study, you’ll discover:

Where customer churn usually happens

How to get heard amid the digital noise

The power of data in resonating with customers

Tips and tricks for driving conversions

Results from O2’s Dynamic Video Ads campaign

68% of customers take action after watching a mortgage PV
ROI in less than 3 months
25% uplift in end-of-term conversion

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