The Gaming Industry’s Secret to Boosting Player Engagement

How 6 of the world’s top gaming companies use video
to drive business results
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Gaming Guide
Your players are incredible. Don't they deserve campaigns that are just as impressive? Cinematic, dynamic, interactive, immersive… oh, and it needs to be fast and scalable, up to millions of gamers if needed, in a dozen or so languages.
We'll let you in on the secret. Here's how the top gaming companies, including Activision, Ubisoft, Epic Games, Zynga and others, boost player engagement beyond the game.

What We’ll Cover


Who gamers are and what they care about, including data from today’s more diverse generation of players


How to empower your audience to become creators, leveraging UGC for social sharing and referrals


The real ROI of engagement and retention, plus stats and examples from successful gaming campaigns

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