Zurich Uses Personalized Video To Increase Customer Retention

How a leading multi-line insurer went above and beyond to build brand advocacy
Zurich Uses Personalized Video To Increase Customer Retention

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Zurich Uses Personalized Video to Increase Customer Loyalty

Brand loyalty is critical for a healthy bottom line. But how can you ensure you’re chosen over competitors time and time again?

To build long-lasting connections with customers, you need meaningful engagement. This case study explores how Zurich did exactly that by delivering relevant, personalized renewal information in an engaging video format, creating a more seamless — and human — customer experience.


In this retention case study, you’ll discover:

Calculating your company's individual retention rate

The benefits of insurance customer retention

How to leverage a modular video format to save time

The secret to a top-tier customer experience

Strategies to make insurance renewals engaging

Results from Zurich’s video campaigns

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